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A Best-Selling


Tsitsi M. Mutendi

"Raising the Baobab" is poised to become a must-read for family business members, advisors, and anyone intrigued by the intricate dynamics of wealth and legacy. 

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Tree of Life 


"Raising the Baobab" is a collaborative book that delves into the five capitals of wealth, as originated by renowned family advisory expert, Jay Hughes. The book consists of five chapters, each dedicated to unpacking one of the five capitals of wealth: Human Capital, Intellectual Capital, Social Capital, Spiritual Capital, and Financial Capital. 


Each chapter features contributions from notable thought leaders in the wealth and family business advisory industry from around the world. Through their insights and expertise, readers gain a deeper understanding of the importance of each capital in building and sustaining wealth across generations. 


Written by Tsitsi Mutendi, a third-generation family business member and respected family governance and succession planning advisor, as well as the host of the Enterprising Families podcast, "Raising the Baobab" offers practical advice and actionable strategies for families seeking to build and preserve their wealth. 


With a focus on the unique challenges and opportunities faced by family businesses, this book is an essential resource for anyone seeking to navigate the complex world of wealth management and family governance. Whether you are a family business member, advisor, or simply interested in the topic of wealth and legacy, "Raising the Baobab" provides valuable insights and guidance for achieving long-term success.

Zebras in Wild

In five compelling chapters, each dedicated to one of the capitals – Human, Intellectual, Social, Spiritual, and Financial – "Raising the Baobab" features contributions from thought leaders in the global wealth and family business advisory industry. These experts share invaluable insights, providing readers with a profound understanding of the multifaceted aspects essential for building and sustaining wealth across generations.


As the host of the Enterprising Families podcast, Tsitsi Mutendi brings a unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise to the book. "Raising the Baobab" is not just a theoretical exploration; it offers practical advice and actionable strategies tailored for families navigating the challenges and opportunities of wealth preservation.

Key Highlights:

  • Global Perspective: Thought leaders from around the world contribute, offering a diverse and inclusive approach to wealth management.

  • Holistic Approach: The book explores not only financial capital but also human, intellectual, social, and spiritual capitals, providing a comprehensive guide for families.

  • Author's Expertise: Tsitsi Mutendi's third-generation insights bring a genuine and relatable perspective to the complex world of family businesses and their unique challenges.

  • Actionable Strategies: Readers gain access to practical advice and strategies, making "Raising the Baobab" an indispensable resource for long-term success in wealth management.


This book is your invitation to a community of thinkers, leaders, and innovators who understand that the true measure of wealth is not just in the balance sheet, but in the strength of human connections, the power of knowledge, the reach of social networks, and the depth of spiritual grounding. No matter who you are or where you come from, "Raising the Baobab" offers the knowledge and strategies to help you lay the foundations for a lasting legacy. Order your copy today and take the first step towards a future where your wealth and values live on, generation after generation.


Dennis T. Jaffe, Ph.D.
Raising the Baobab

"The ability of family members to learn and grow together is at the essence of shared family intellectual capital."

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Jessica McGawley
Raising the Baobab

"People with a healthy sense of self-worth generally have better relationships with themselves and with others."

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Ian Marsh 
Raising the Baobab

“Sharing our darkest thoughts and fears with someone else who listens without  judging us can often help us find a way through.”


"Tsitsi Mutendi's 'Raising the Baobab' is an indispensable guide for families seeking to build a lasting legacy. A must-read for anyone committed to preserving and growing their family's wealth."

Sarah Thompson, Family Business Owner

"'Raising the Baobab' is a comprehensive and enlightening resource for anyone involved in family business and multigenerational wealth planning. Tsitsi Mutendi's book is a game-changer for those seeking to create a solid foundation for their family's financial and emotional well-being."

David Patel, Wealth Management Advisor

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