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Family is our safe place, a place where traditions and memories are shared. Unfortunately some traditions are lost and sometimes even memories if the right measures are not put in place to secure them.  As you will be aware, working with your family members can be both rewarding and challenging. We understand this and have the tools and training to help you unravel the complexities of family dynamics. 


We spend so much time building our businesses and securing our financial futures. Just like in life, our businesses are complex. Have you taken time to ensure that your business's future? You work hard and you deserve to have a business that's set up for success - sustainable success. You will often hear that ‘Governance’ is the answer.  Irrespective of the question! We can guide you through the process of understanding what Governance is and what role it can play in your family business.


Legacy is what we build during our lifetimes that can give wealth and financial security to future generations. Family Businesses build on solid values, strong structures and clear governance can last up until or even past the  the 4th and 5th generations and provide 

these generations  with financial security and noteworthy legacies. Succession Planning, or business continuity planning as we prefer to call it, is the most common area of conflict within a family business. It doesn’t need to be. 


Are you afraid that your Family Business is going to end with you?

Are you unsure about who will take over the family business if you step down?

Are you worried that your Children's need to be "Modern" may ruin your business?

Are you unsure whether to expand your business outside your country?

Do you fear that not being in the location you are opening your new offices may cause the business to fail?

Are you unsure of the future of all your hard work?


These are all concerns that Family Business owners have faced. Setting up a family business and having it run successfully is a mammoth task. Building family wealth and maintaining it goes on to present an even more sometimes seemingly insurmountable task.  

You may feel that your Family business has no hope past your own management.

This is not true. Globally 33% of Family Businesses make it past the 1st generation to become multigenerational wealth building organisations for families. Your Family Business can be that business.

You may be wondering how? 


Nhaka specialises in Family Business Services. Our firm's services are key to helping family businesses to build business continuity through Family Governance Building and Business Continuity Management. As a professional Family Business Services (Legacy Building) firm, Nhaka Legacy is a Family Business's partner for navigating Family Goernance so that the family business can grow past the first generation while expanding and preserving their legacy and wealth.


The work done at Nhaka is focused on making the often hard and uncomfortable work of Family Governance Building and Business Continuity, manageable, and more comfortable from a psychological and practical perspective. Nhaka merges the legal, financial, and human aspects of planning into a robust and reliable holistic approach to building a lasting legacy our clients appreciate.


Family Businesses who have build their businesses into a organisations that provide security for their families and the communities they serve should engage Nhaka Legacy.

You can be a 1st generation or a 3rd generation family business: All family businesses have just as much to gain from getting their family governance affairs in order. In fact, getting all of your important planning done and creating a solid plan for the future can make you a hero to your family.

Whether or not you've done much legacy planning at all, yesterday was the best day to have done it, but today is the right time to get it done.


Give your family business a solid foundational structure

that will ensure your hard-worked legacy lives on past just one generation.




Family Businesses contribute significantly to  global economic growth. Investing in your business growth and planning for your business's future is important to ensure that your business becomes one of the leading brands of tomorrow.


Succession Planning and Management is critical to the preservation of the hard work that you as a Family Business Owner, have put into your business. The right tools can see you creating wealth that spreads to the future members of your family and secures their financial  securities.


Most Family Businesses are build through hard work and sacrifice. Protecting and nurturing your investment and further investing into creating generational wealth is critical. This is easily done utilising solutions that can provide peace of mind within your lifetime. 

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