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Save money, time and stress and find out how we can help you set up and manage your

Business Disaster Recovery Plan and help you establish a long term Business Continuity Plan.

Get help understanding and 

maximizing Disaster Recovery

Like most Family Businesses worldwide, did you find yourself caught with your pants down when CODIV-19 hit your business? Globally, Family businesses were caught unawares with economic and social shutdowns being announced. Were you like most businesses and families which had no continuity or disaster recovery plan in place?

Disaster Recovery is not an option to be actioned after the storm, but action must be taken during the storm to protect your business from further turmoil in the aftermath of the disaster.

We help you get a leg up on the competition by getting your business back on track whilst everyone else is still down.

Protect your business from such future events through Business Continuity Planning Options.

Getting back on track is only half the journey. Once your business is in recovery, it's imperative that you put in place a plan that will help you your business be prepared for anything that may affect it. Disasters can strike anytime, anywhere and for any reason. They can come from inside a company via a disgruntled employee, corporate spies or simple carelessness, or externally via natural disasters, terrorist attacks, acts of war, etc.

Lets ensures your business's assets are protected and your business can continue to do business during and after a critical incident.




With our specialised knowledge about Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, we are the go-to-guys and the go-to-girls who can help. You won't need to spend time educating us about getting your company back on track after a huge international disaster like the CODIV-19 pandemic. Instead, we'll get right to work on understanding your family and business and get onto putting in place the right strategy for your current recovery and future success..

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Get help understanding and maximizing

your Business Continuity position

Business continuity assessment is critical for your business, because the best time to deal with a disaster is before it happens. This has been a very hard lesson for many businesses globally in 2020 because of the CODIV-19 pandemic that has brought economies to an abrupt halt. Business continuity provides a planned response and puts in place measures to reduce interruption and minimise losses. If you don't have a business continuity plan a short assessment will help to outline issues you need to consider to enable you to prepare for an emergency that may disrupt your business.



Having a business continuity plan was far from our minds. We found ourselves wanting when faced with a break in our supply chain. Nhaka's team helped us focus on critical areas that our business was lacking and helped us get back on track


Nhaka helped us become more prepared for multiple scenarios. Their understanding of family and business allowed us to work as a team towards the same goals. You cant always prepare for the future but we now feel prepared to take on any situation with a bit more foresight.


Nhaka consultants offer a solid service which changed the way our team operates. Our consultant worked with both the business and the family to navigate an extremely difficult situation satisfatorily.

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Any time a natural disaster or an epidemic or a major unseen event occurs, it increases business leaders' awareness and internal pressure to create a disaster recovery plan or a business continuity plan. Traditional disaster recovery plan templates result in a lengthy, heavy, dense plan that might satisfy auditors but will not be effective in a crisis. Organisations are left vulnerable to more common incidents because of the myth that a disaster recovery plan is only for major disasters. Equally so Business Continuity Planning requires input from multiple departments with different and sometimes conflicting objectives. In most businesses, there are typically few, if any, dedicated resources for Business Continuity Planning, so it can't be a full-time, resource-intensive project. The traditional approach to Business Continuity Plan is a massive project that most organizations can’t execute without hiring a consultant. 

That is where Nhaka steps in.

In respect of Disaster Recovery Planning Nhaka helps family businesses:

  • Create a Disaster Recovery Plan that is about ensuring service continuity. A plan that can be leveraged for both isolated and catastrophic events.

  • Focus on improving overall resiliency and recovery, rather than risk probability analysis.

  • Set up a cost-effective disaster recovery plan. Experience has taught us that service continuity starts with identifying what is truly mission-critical so you can focus resources accordingly. 

  • Define appropriate objectives for service downtime and data loss based on business impact.

  • Document an incident response plan that captures all of the steps from event detection to full business operational recovery.

  • Create a disaster recovery roadmap to close gaps between current disaster recovery capabilities and recovery objectives.

In respect of Business Continuity Planning 

Nhaka helps family businesses:

  • To execute a Business Continuity Plan in-house, by carving up the task into manageable pieces.

  • Focus on implementing structured and repeatable processes that can be applied to one business unit at a time to avoid Business Continuity Plan becoming an overwhelming project.

  • Enable business leaders to own the Business Continuity Plan going forward by establishing a template that the rest of the organization can follow.

  • Leverage Business Continuity Plan outcomes to refine Disaster Recovery Plan recovery objectives and achieve a Disaster Recovery Plan - Business Continuity Plan alignment.

  • Manage the complex, interdepartmental Business Continuity Planning project including guiding the structure of your process so your efforts are streamlined and stay on track.


3. Create a recovery workflow

Build a workflow of the current steps for business recovery. Identify gaps and risks to recovery. Brainstorm and prioritize solutions to address gaps and mitigate risks.

4. Establish a Business Continuity Management System to govern and improve your Business Continuity Plan

Present pilot project results and next steps. Create Business Continuity Management System teams. Update and maintain Business Continuity Management System documentation.

Free 30 minute consultation

Understanding the Business and the Family and its needs. This includes a free 10-minute Business Continuity Assessment.

1. Define Recovery or Continuity Plan scope, objectives, and stakeholders

Assess current maturity, establish a team, and choose a pilot business unit. Identify business processes, dependencies, and alternatives.

2. Define Recovery Time Objectives based on Business Impact Analysis

Define an objective impact scoring scale, estimate the impact of downtime, and set recovery targets.

5. Maintanance, Feedback and Monitor

The main objective of this stage is to ensure that the Business Continuity Management System always remains current, complete, accurate and in a ready–state for execution.

Get in touch for a free 30 minute

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