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We appreciate that family business owners are busy and sometimes need to participate in short impactful events or workshops that give them the basic tools to get started in their legacy building journey. Find a Workshop or Training that suits your time and Pocket here. Nhaka Legacy Lead has events that suit all levels of families and meets them at their need and their availability of time. Look through our upcoming events and book yourself in for an upcoming session so that you can get the best of our services.

If you have a particular workshop you would like us to customise for your Family or Organisation please Contact Us.

Upcoming Events & Workshops...

  • Responsible Ownership (Next Gen Conversation Workshop)
    This workshop is for Next Generations aged between 18-30. Understanding the roles as future owners of the Family Business and the responsibilities that comes with the territory.
  • Family Governance Tools for Family Business
    Business Families are significant contributors to the world’s economy. Developing and improving the Family governance of a family business contributes to improved performance and increasing the odds of survival through generations.
  • Family Governance Workshop (2 day Workshop)
    The family governance workshop will lay the foundation for on-going training, education and mentorship of family business members.
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 We work together with you to put together a customised training programme with the level of personalised support that best fits your organisation and or  family's needs.



We can help you to set up your Family Business Board, Family Councils, NextGen Council, Family Employee Training and much much more.


Organize the most critical aspects of your Family Meeting, Family Communication Coaching, Family Governance and Next-Generation transitioning to

 enhance, manage, and grow communication in your family so that you can preserve your family legacy and wealth over the future generations of your family.




Don’t seem to see something that suits your needs? Or have something specific in Mind? Let’s have a chat.

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