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How does the process work?

We start with a conversation so we can best understand your family and your business and what information and systems you have in place, as well as get a sense of your priorities. As we proceed through sections that cover all facets of your life and family business, we will identify your action Items, and create a customised priority list with each item fully broken down into steps to make the whole process less overwhelming and more approachable. Tsitsi and her team give you tips and guidance to help complete these tasks. And per your preference, we set up additional appointments to make sure that you are moving forward and taking steps to complete your goals.


How did you develop this expertise?

Tsitsi, her team, and many others know the painful results when loved ones don’t plan for their Family Business. Having your life and legacy planning properly completed means you know your ducks are in a row. Our team compromises of world-class qualified consultants who have worked with numerous businesses, families, and individuals to get the best of their life work and create generational wealth. Working with our team, we can guarantee that you are set up for success, no matter what life might throw your way. You eliminate any guesswork and give family the chance to create multi-generational wealth.


Read Tsitsi's Story and find out what led her to starting Nhaka Legacy.




How private is my information? Do you have a confidentiality policy? 

We adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. Among which includes a strong commitment to confidentiality. We will never share any information with anyone else, without your expressed permission. When you sign an agreement for us to work together, you can list individuals (either Advisors or Family Members/Friends), that we can speak with on specific topics, if that is of interest.


What other questions do you have?

Contact Us - we're happy to answer them.

Discovery Call

Book a free consultation worth USD$1000. 

Your Custom Action Plan

A specialised highly qualified team of consultants will help you put together a customised Legacy Plan.

Start Building Generational Wealth

Your Family Business and Family Legacy is at the center of all things. Ensuring Multi-generational success is our ongoing mission.

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